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Refunds Policy

Refund Policy

This article is in relation with requesting a refund from agency or a freelancer. There is different process for requesting a refund for a fixed price contract and hourly based contract. Each of them is explained below. The request for a refund can be made within 180 days of payment.

Prerequisites oh refund.

  • Check if you need a refund from a previous agreement on a fixed price contract.

  • If you are unhappy from an hourly contract, you can file a complaint.

  • Before concluding a contract, kindly take into account fixing any time-logging concerns with your freelancer or agency.

  • Once the contract is finished, your freelancer or agency cannot make changes to their Work Diary, and logged hours for the current week cannot be refunded until you have been billed.

In cases of refunds form an agency contact our customer support and we will try to resolve the issue. You only have the customary 14 days to provide comments if you close the contract while awaiting a refund. You will no longer be able to comment publicly on the contract if you wait any longer. If you submit feedback and decide to edit it later, the freelancer or agency can enable feedback modifications. Your freelancer or agency will then decide whether to grant a complete refund, a partial refund, or no refund at all based on your request. They can proactively initiate a refund using workofficially on any active or finished contract even without making a formal request as long as:

  • Within 180 days after the payment, the refund is issued.

  • The amount of the return does not exceed what they were paid under the contract.

  • They have enough money to pay for the refund.

Once the freelancer or agency approves the refund, it will be promptly and instantly paid back to your original payment method. The credit might not be accessible to you for 3-5 business days. The contract won't appear on either of your work records if a refund brings the freelancer or agency's revenues down to $1 or less. Your ratings will be updated to reflect any feedback. The updating of this information can take up to 12 hours.

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