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Meet top ethical hacker freelancers <div class="text-left"> <p><b>Freelancer-</b> can you think like a hacker? Do you have the necessary skills of a hacker and want to make a fortune using your skills for virtuous motive? Work officially provides you with the network and exposure you need to accomplish this. You can perform white hack hacking projects to our clients and grow in the cyber market.</p> <p><b>Clients-</b> Do you want to perform a security audit or want to test the security of your product? Hire a skilled hacker specific to your interest and get your work done in an affordable price. Workoffially has ethical hackers to test your websites, software, applications, infrastructure etc who will not only provide you with excellent services but also educate you to safeguard yourself in near coming. </p> <h3>What is Ethical Hacking</h3> <p>In order to uncover potential data breaches and network risks, ethical hacking or as it is also called White Hat Hacking is a legitimate method that involves finding flaws in an application, system, or organization's infrastructure and getting beyond system security. In order to find vulnerabilities that malevolent hackers can exploit or eliminate, ethical hackers search the system or network. They can enhance security to better withstand attacks or deflect them. Organizations hire ethical hackers to investigate the flaws in their systems and networks and create fixes to stop data breaches.</p> <h3>Why do you need an Ethical Hacker</h3> <p>Every company has security measures in place to defend themselves (if yours doesn't, we need to chat as soon as possible!). However, how can you know if they are effective or if there is a security flaw that could result in a security breach. Ethical hacking is useful in this situation. Ethical hackers have assumed an offensive role, of course with business approval, in an effort to circumvent security measures before criminals do. To get through security, they employ the same strategies and methods as a professional hacker would. The ethical hacker's insights about security gaps can be used by the company to close them, significantly lowering the risk to the company. Businesses can enhance their BLUE TEAM security detection and prevention procedures using the ethical hacking feedback. If their internal security was unable to identify the friendly infiltration, they can now look back and see where the error happened and make the necessary changes to the procedure so that it does not happen again. </p> <h3>How to hire a Ethical Hacker</h3> <ul> <li><b>Write a detailed Job Description.</b> Know the scope of your undertaking and make an elaborate list of the tasks which you want our freelancing ethical hackers to undertake. Be precise on the duties as it’s a vital aspect in any business.</li> <li><b>Advertise it on Workofficially.</b> Once you are clear with the roles and responsibilities of Ethical Hacker, you can now post the job description on Workofficially website and be ready to hire the appropriate candidate.</li> <li><b>Hire a Freelancer.</b> After you have posted your job on Workofficially, the freelance ethical hackers will now apply for the Cybersecurity role and offer their services. You can choose the ones you like and proceed to the next step either to interview them or hire them directly. Else, you can also contact any freelancer directly based on their previous work experience and projects.</li> </ul> </div>


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